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Plastic Crate/box Injection Molding Machine

(with bigger injection capacity)

Plastic crates/boxes are very widely used in our daily life, and there are kinds of plastic crates/boxes, such as fruit crates, bread basket,turnover basket, logistics box, folding box, supermarket basket, etc. Most of them has a big demand in the markets.

Generally, 400 ton – 600 ton injection molding machine are suggested and choosed for making kinds of plastic crates/boxes. But for some heavy crates, the injection capacity of standard 400 ton – 600 ton injection molding machine will not be enough. 

plastic crate injection molding machine

After market research and our customers’ reflection, we have developed and promoted a HXM-G series injection molding machine, which has :

  • bigger injection capacity (bigger screw diameter)
  • more efficient plasticizing and charging system
  • choose more wear-resisting and durable screw and barrel.
fruit crate mold working

Right now, there are three models of this bigger injection weight injection molding machine, 410 ton , 470 ton, and 530 ton.

Below is the technical parameters table of the injection molding machine special for making the plastic crate/box/basket.