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HXM series -Servo motor injection molding machine

  • servo motor injection machine’s clamping force ranges from 90ton to 2500ton
  • Injection moulding machine equipped with servo motor and servo driver
  • servo motor injection machine can save 20%-80% energy compare to normal fixed pump injection moulding machine
  • servo motor injection machine has lower noise compared to normal fixed pump injection moulding machine
injection molding machine HXM188

Main Features of servo motor injection molding machine

  • Super energy saving

Output power of servo motor plastic molding machine varies with the load,and no energy is wasted. In the pressure holding phase,the servo motor will reduce speed, with lower energy consumption.During the cooling period,the motor doesn’t work,with 0 power consumption.Compared to ordinary injection molding machine,it can save 20%-80% of the energy.

  • High precision and high stability

serovo motor injection machine equipped with the precision pressure sensor and rotary encoder,it can respectively monitor and feedback on flow and pressure.Based on the feedback,the high performance synchronous servo motor will adjust flow and pressure accordingly by changing the speed and torque.The closed-loop control can ensure the stability and product quality.

  • High response and high efficiency

The driving system of injection machine with servo motor  responses with high sensitivity.It takes only 0.05s to reach Max.value.The response speed is much faster than the ordinary injection molding machine.In that way, it signficantly shortens the cycle time and increase the production efficiency.

servo drive control principle of servo injection molding machine
the comparision of systemic high speed response
the comparision of systemic power consumption