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color doser mixer

color doser mixer

color doser mixer is for automatically adding the color dose to the raw material in order to make product with different colors.


performance and characteristic of color doser mixer

  • With the function of permanent memory and storage.
  • Use of brushless DC-motor, no need for maintenance.
  • Use of micro-computer control, intelligentize to calculate accurately.
  • Can satisfy the requirement of external signal input at the same time.
  • The screw is handled with chrome to be durable.
  • The modular structure is easy to assemble&disassemble, clean and exchange. Single color dose mixer’s standard base equips hopper magnets to attract metal to protect the destorying of screw in injection machines .
  • The stirrer is optinal for single color does mixer, and should matched with stirrer controller to mix the material even.
  • The double color dose mixer equips base with stirrer, can satisfy the request of mixing double materials .
  • The main material hopper is standard equipment for double color dose mixer, optional for single color dose mixer.

Specification of color doser mixer

specification of color dose mixer installation of color dose mixer

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