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air cooling chiller

air cooling chiller

Air cooling chiller is very important peripheral equipment of injection molding machine. It is usually for providing the cooling water to cool donw the mold inside the injection molding machine.There is a water tank inside the air cooling chiller,and it exchange the heat with the air.So it doesn’t need to connect to the cooling tower. It can be put anywhere of the workshop.


Pherformance of air cooling chiller

  • The device can cool the water temperature ranging from 7 to 35℃.The low cooling temperature can be customized as per customer’s needs.
  • The micro computer controls the system running and the temperature can be precise to 1oC.
  • The overload protection device is used for compressor and pump to prolong the service life.
  • The multi protection device (antifreezing protection, high and low pressure protection and flow protection) ensures the system safety.
  • The water tank is made from the stainless steel and has a heat insulation layer. Freezing pipelines have the insulation layer to improve refrigerating efficiency.
  • Low speed and noise blower fan.
  • The blower fan stops along with the compressor, thus effective electric energy saving.

Specification of air cooling chiller

air cooling chiller-2 air cooling chiller-3

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