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65ton injection molding machine HXM65

65ton injection molding machine HXM65

  • Clamping Force:65ton
  • Injection weight (PS matreial,screw B):87g
  • Tie-bar space:310*290mm
  • Max.mould height 300mm


65ton injection molding machine HXM65

Technical Parameter HXM65 parameter  

Basic Specification of 65ton injection molding machine:

  • Reliable design with 5 pivot diagonal toggles
  • Twin-cabinet structure with high rigidity
  • Automatically mould height adjustment funciton
  • Different diameter screw can be choosed free according to the product production need.
  • the back pressure of the charging controlled throught a pressure valve
  • mould platen with T-slot for quickly mold installation and fixing
  • the 65ton injection molding machine equipped with famous and high quality hydraulic and electrical components