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350ton high speed injection molding machine HXH350

350ton high speed injection molding machine HXH350

  • Clamping Force:350ton
  • Injection weight (PS matreial,screw A):529g
  • Tie-bar space:710*660mm
  • Max.mould height: 650mm
  • Injection Speed:320mm/s


350ton high speed molding machine HXH350

technical parameter and dimension

HXH350 parameter

Basic advantages of 350ton high speed injection molding machine:

  • with CANbus bus communication,the computer is full digital controlled.
  • the temperature control adopots special control module.the accuracy can achieve 1 degree.
  • with the power monitoring can monitor the current energy consumption during the production.
  • the special signle cylinder structure of 350ton high speed thin wall molding machine drastically reduces the return-oil amount during the high speed injection.At the same time,it reduce the return-oil pressure.In this way,it increase the machine’s injection acceleration.
  • By using the graphite steel sets together with the thin oil lubrication,the bent elow connecting rods and guide bars of the injection machine have bearing resistance and abrasive resistance.The machine has a longer service life.
  • Controlled by the proportional direction,the movement of the high speed injection molding machine can accelerate quickly.During the high speed running,it can operate steadily and precisely control the mold open position.
  • The hydraulic system of high speed thin wall moulding machine adpots double servo drive control.It has the advantages of high efficiency,energy saving and low noise.Meanwhile,it can realize mold open and charge synchronization function.