300ton PET injection moulding machine HXM298PET

  • Clamping Force:298ton
  • Injection weight (PS matreial):1592g
  • Tie-bar space:605*590mm
  • Max.mould height: 690mm


300ton PET injection moulding machine HXM298PET Specification list and dimension

Basic feature of the 300ton PET preform injection molding machine:

  1. longer L/D ratio of screw for better plasticizing of the PET material
  2. bigger screw diameter for bigger injection weight
  3. bigger hydraulic motor for faster charging
  4. enlarge ejecting force for automatic dropping down of the final preform product
  5. bigger heating capacity of the barrel of the PET injection molding machine
  6. enlarge motor and oil pump for the oil system
  7. injection molding machine with servo motor or vane pump or  variable pump are also available