PET bottle preform injection moulding machine

PET bottle prefrom injection moulding machine

PET is abbreviation of Polyethylene terephthalate,which is one common plastic material for production of mineral water bottle,carbonated drink bottle,juice bottle,etc.

Daya PET preform injection moulding machine is special designed and developed for the making of kinds of PET bottle preform,such as 300ml,500ml,1000ml,1500ml bottle preform,5 gallon bottle preform,etc. 

For example,special designed screw and barrel of PET injection machine for better plastisizing of the PET resin,enlarge ejecting force for preform automatic dropping down, enlarge motor and oil pump,etc.

With more than 10 years manufacture and sales experience of PET preform injection moulding machine,daya machinery has the widely arangement of PET injection machine.

 Right now, the most popular model is 210PET,298PET,330PET,410PET.The injection capacity ranges from 1000g to 3000g.Of course,custimized of PET injection machine is also acceptable.

By different model of daya PET injection molding machine,it is suitable for running with different PET preform mold,such as 8 cavities,16 cavities,24 cavities,32 cavities,48 cavities,72 cavities pet preform mold.

Till now,China daya PET injection machine has been well sold into different countries,such as,Indonesia,Malaysia,Thailand,Russia,Poland,Jordan,South of Africa,Mexico,Colombia,Peru,Chile,etc.

Basic characteristic of PET preform injection moulding machine as below:

  1. longer L/D ratio of screw for better plasticizing of the PET material
  2. bigger screw diameter for bigger injection weight
  3. bigger hydraulic motor for faster charging
  4. enlarge ejecting force for automatic dropping down of the preform
  5. bigger heating capacity of the barrel of the PET injection molding machine
  6. enlarge motor and oil pump for the system
  7. injection molding machine with servo motor or variable pump are also available
  8. etc.

Popular Model of PET injection molding machine