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Plastic Injection Molding Machine manufacturerChina HX-DAYA is one of the Chinese leading innovator of researching and developing for plastic injection molding machine. It located in a beautiful harbor city – Ningbo,Zhejiang, China. Continuous improvements for plastic injection molding machine design, DAYA injection moulding machine is suitable for making kinds of product by PP,PS,PET,ABS,PVC,PPR and thermoplastic material.

China Plastic injection molding machine brand DAYA was established in China on 2005 year. Based on the experienced technical department and keep developing and reasearching. Daya has releized different series of injection molding machines for different production application.

Right now, the clamping force of daya injection moulding machineranges from 90TON to 3000TON.Injection molding machine ‘ injection weight ranges from 121g to 50kg (ps).

DAYA plastic injection machines adopt world famous brand components from America,Italy,Japan,Taiwan and Austria,Germany,etc. Possess the character of exquisite exterior,high-rigidity,strong clamping,high-speed,high-efficiency,high-stability,low-energy,low-noise.DAYA injection molding machine sells well domestically and internationally in the past years.Our Target is Manufacturing famous injection machine and developing the company for centuries . we will persistently pursue to provide perfect machine and sincere service.

Now,DAYA brand plastic injection machinery has different series of machines:

  • General Classical Series (clamping force 90ton ~ 3000ton) :
    – fixed displacement pump (vane pump) & double proportion computer-controlled injection molding machine
    – variable displacement pump & energy saving injection moulding machine
    – servo motor & super energy saving injection molding machine
  • Professional Application:
    1. Multi-color products making
    – unmixed double color injection molding machine
    – mixed double color injection molding machine

      2. Thin-wall product production for packing field
      high speed injection molding machine
     (Special designed for making the thin wall fast food containers)

      3. PET  prefrom injection machine production line 
     PET series injection molding machine for making all kinds of PET bottle preform