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330 ton PET preform production line shipment

One of our cutomers from Uzbekistan ordered from us a PET bottle preform production line.

The PET preform production line including the 330 ton preform injection molding machine, preform mold ( 31g, 32 cavities), hopper dryer, auto loader, chiller, belt conveyor. Of course, the customer will also need the air compressor in his factory to provide clean and dry air source. and what’s more, if the weather in customer’s place is very wet, dehumidifier is also needed.

330 ton PET preform injection molding machine
Auxiliary machines

Below is the brief technical parameter of our daya 330 ton pet preform injection molding machine.

  • screw diameter 80mm
  • injection capacity 1859 cm³
  • clamping force 3300kn
  • mold height 250-750mm
  • open stroke 660mm
  • tie-bar space 720*670mm

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>>>>> 330 ton PET preform injection molding machine

About the container loading and shipment of this preform production line, generally, one piece 40ft high container will be needed.

the auxiliary machines such as hopper dryer, chiller, auto loader,etc will be load inside the container first, then the preform mold, the last will be the injection molding machine.

See below some photos of the container loading

plastic peripheral equipment
loading of 330 ton pet injection molding machine
injection molding machine inside the container

DAYA MACHINERY has rich experience on the PET preform production line, there are different models of PET preform injection molding machines available, such as 200ton ,300ton, 400ton, 500ton, etc.

welcome to contact with us for your new set PET bottle preform production line project.