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600 ton injection molding machine load and shipment

Recently, we daya company has loaded and shipped out one 600 ton servo motor injection molding machine HXM630-II.

the machine HXM630-II was ordered by one customer from Argentina who will use this machine for producing the 20L paint buckets and other products.

in order to let the final product (20L bucket) can fall down out from the product outlet area. the heightof the machine base was increased according to customer’s requirement.

Below is some basical technical parameters of this 630 ton injection molding machine HXM630-II.

  • screw diameter 95mm
  • injection capacity 3118 cm³, 2838g for PS material
  • open stroke 870mm
  • Mold height 350-900mm
  • tie-bar space 900*850mm

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>>> specification and parameter of the 630 ton injection molding machine HXM630-II

The weight of the machine HXM630-II is approx 31ton, which is too heavy to ship by one container. So the machine is designed and manufactued at separate type. it can be divided into injection unit and clamping unit.

the injection unit and clamping unit will be fixed and connected by the connecting bolts, the electrical connection will be quick plugs. So after the customer received the machine, they only need to place the two units at right position, then connect the bolts,main oil pipes ,electrical plugs, which are not difficult for customer’s engineers. Of course, we will also show some photos to help and guide the customer to manage it.

Generally, for loading the 600 ton injection molding machine, two containers will be needed. one piece 40ft high container + one piece 20ft containter. 20ft container for loading injection unit. 40ft high container for loading clamping unit.

Below are some photos of the container loading of the injection molding machine HXM630-II.

PS: for shipment, we will sure to fix the machine inside the container well and make sure it won’t be damaged during the transportation.

if you want to know more information of this 630 ton injection molding machine, please feel free to contact with us.

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