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290 ton injection molding machine delivery

One month ago, there was a customer from Iraq contacted with us and asked about injection molding machine. The customer has already contacted a mold maker and almost decided the mold order. According to the product and mold information, we suggest him a 290 ton injection molding machine.  Considered that right now, the electricity supply in customer’s place is not very stable and customer is just starting the platic production by themselves, which doesn’t have much experience. we decided to suggest him the standard injection molding machine with vane pump (not servo).  Although the standard injection machine doesn’t save the energy saving. but compared to servo machine, its price is cheaper and machine will be more stable and easy to maintenance on the future.

Since the customer ordered the injection molding machine and mold from China together this time, according to customer’s idea, we made a mold trial testing by customer’s machine in our workshop when the machine and mold are ready.

290 ton injection molding machine made in China (1)

The mold trial testing was made very smoothly, we took some photos and clear videos and sent to customer for checking. Customer is very satisfied to our machine and service. 

After that, we shiped out the machine with the mold to customer at once.  Customer is very happy after receiving the machine and mold in their factory.

we believe that customer will be happy with using our machine and buy more and more on the near future.

290 ton injection molding machine loading
290 ton injection molding machine made in China (3)