injection machine maintenance schedule

Good and regular maintenance is very important to the lifetime of the injection molding machine.Below is the maintenance schedule of common injection molding machine.

Time Scope Care and Maintenance
Every 500 operation hours Check the oil level on oil tank and make sure that it shall not be lower than the oil level line.
Every 6 months, or every month if the water quality is poor. Check and clean oil cooler.
1000 operation hours after the machine is first put into operation Replace or clean oil absorption filter; Replace hydraulic oil.
Every 5000 operation hours or 1 year Replace hydraulic oil; Replace or clean oil absorption filter; Check high-pressure oil tube, if necessary replace it; Inspect the motor.
Every 20000 operation hours or 5 years Replace the gasket inside hydraulic oil cylinder; Replace high-pressure oil tube.
Every 3 years Replace the cell of system controller.
Every 5 years Replace the cell on operation panel.