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injection molding machine loading video

high speed injection molding machine HXH350 loading video

daya company loaded 3 sets high speed injection molding machine HXH350 into 3 pcs containers,which are for the customers in Dubai. Generally, one set 350ton injection molding machine need one piece 40ft container for shipment.

daya machinery is one of the biggest professional manufacturers of plastic injection molding machine in Ningbo,China.  Machine’s clamping force ranges from 90ton to 3000 ton. 

The annual production output is more than 3500 sets, about 30-40% are for exporting to different countries on the world. From small machine 90 ton, 120ton,180ton, to huge/big machine 1000 ton,1200ton,2000ton,etc. daya machinery has rich experience on how to load the injection molding machine into the containers, fix the machines well. we are good at how to load and ship the machines to customer’s country.

what’s more, if customer can’t come to check and watch the container loading, we can also help record the loading details, take photo and videos for customer’s checking.