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Preparation for installation

What preparation should be done before installation of the injection molding machine?

Notes about the injection molding machine during installation

Injection molding machine is a heavy machine. Following precautions should be taken when handle it.

  • The machine should be lifted up according to the lifting diagram. Ensure its balance during lifting and its safety and stability during its moving up and down.
  • It is necessary to use a crane with a lifting capacity larger than the machine weight in order to ensure the safe lifting.
  • Ensure the hoisting cable or wire rope used for the machine lifting has a hoisting capacity higher than the machine weight
  • Avoid any collision or impacts during the lifting and take necessary protective measures.

Lifting of injection molding machine

There are different lifting methods, depending on the type and construction of the machine.

lift the injection machine-1
  • Lift the middle and large machines (with assembled body)

The body of middle and large machines is assembled, so it can’t be lifted as a whole machine. If the machine must be lifted up, it is necessary to separate the mold clamping unit and injection unit, and then the two body parts are lifted separately. The two body parts are connected together by using dowel pins and positioning bolts.

lift the injection machine-2

Unpacking of injection molding machine before installation

Arrive at the destination, when the machine is unpacked, please check it and confirm that it is undamaged and has a good surface.

During the transportation, the carrier should note down all the damage information and inform the manufacturer in order to claim for the damages from transportation insurance company.

To lift the machine, the crane must have a lifting capacity larger than the machine weight, and the hoisting cable or wire rope and hooks should be undamaged and must have enough bearing capacity.

To protect the machine, the hoisting cable cannot attach to the position with low bearing capacity on the machine. The contact position should be protected properly.

The machine should be handled correctly as shown in Section 2.1.1.

If the machine must be handled again in factory building and there is no crane, proper wooden rolls should be used correctly.

Due to the large weight, the machine should be unloaded and handled by experienced and qualified lifting workers and following precautions should be taken:

Note 1: An elevator and hoisting equipment with sufficient lifting capacity should be used to lift up the machine (including crane, hoister, lifting hooks, steel cables and wire ropes).

Note 2: If any cables possibly touch any parts of the machine, waste cloths or wooden blocks should be placed between the cable and the parts of the machine to avoid damages, such as tie bar.

Note 3: Pay attention to the stability and horizontal state of machine during lifting.

Note 4: The wooden blocks and other cushions can be removed when the machine unloading or handling is completed.

Auxiliary accessories required for machine transportation

Description Qty. Size and Remarks
Cable and hook 2  
Transport and protection of mold closing unit 1 Transported with the machine
Transport and protection of injection unit 1 Transported with the machine
Wooden rolls required for handling of the machine on the ground At least three rolls With similar length as the width of the machine body
Waste cloth and wooden blocks As required  

Removal of surfaceantirust agent

All the mechanical parts are exposed to the air, such as piston rod, tie bar and machined surfaces of mold plates are coated with antirust agent before they are shipped.

 Requirements of Ambient Conditions

When installing the machine, please confirm all the ambient conditions are specified in this section. If the installation place does not meet these conditions, the machine will not have its best performance. Besides, disoperation and damages to the machine will possibly cause and service life of the machine will be reduced.

  • Ambient temperature: 0~40oC (ambient temperature around the machine during its operation)
  • Relative humidity: below 75% without dewing
  • Altitude above seal level: less than 1000m

Overall and Foundation Dimensions of the Machine

When installing the machine, please refer to the outline drawing and installation plan of the machine provided by the manufacturer.