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Order spare parts of injection machine

How to order spare parts of the injection molding machine?

Generally,when the injection molding machines were deliveryed to the customers,there were some common spare parts,which is usually enough for one year. But after the machine running for more than 2 years, there are some parts may be broken as the worn parts. So you will need to order/buy some more spare parts for your injection machine.

In order to provide better service for you, please provide the following information when you order any spare parts of your injection molding machine:

  • machine’s model,machine’s ex-series number and manufacture date of your molding machine
  • Code of the part, mounting position, number and quantity of the spare parts
  • if you don’t know the code of the part, take a photo and mark the part on the photo and then show to us.

You can purchase the spare parts of from our company or the dealer where you purchase your molding machine.

If this manual does not contain the part or component you need, or the part differs from that described in this manual, please indicate the mounting position of this part or component, we will do our best to solve your problem.

by the way, since we are on the field / business of plastic injection machine, we also know the suppliers of spare parts of other Chinese brand injection molding machine. So if you went to buy our injection molding machines, you don’t need to worry about the spare parts of your existing other brand other machines, we can also help you with the spare parts,such as, screw & barrel,heaters, valves,etc.