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process of start and stop of injection molding machine

Process of stop the injection molding machine

  1. when it is going to stop the injection molding machine,machine’s operator should turn off the power of the hopper dryer 30 minutes earlier.if the machine is with autoloader,turn off the power of autoloader,and pull out the material suction pipe.
  2. if the injection molding machine is with bigger hopper, according to the product weight, 3-7 shoots in advance, operator close the material feeding inlet, then inject empty of the barrel of the injection machine.
  3. Move back then nozzle base,and inject empty the material inside the barrel in order that it can be heated quickly next time.
  4. Turn off the mold temperature controller,chiller,cooling water distributors,etc.
  5. turn off the heating of the injection molding machine.
  6. close the mold, but leave a small gap, make sure there isn’t clamping force.
  7. spray mold anti-rust agent if need.
  8. press down the emergency button of the injection molding machine, and turn off the main power.
  9. if the machine is with robot, make sure the robot arm back to 0 posiiton.
  10. clean the goods on or near the electric cabinet and machine base.

Process of start the injection molding machine

  1. Squad leader should turn on the heating of the injection moulding machine 2 hours earlier.
  2. turn on the main power of the injection moulding machine,turn on the barrel heating and the heating of the hopper dryer.
  3. turn on the heating of the mainfold if the machine is with hot runner.
  4. when the barrel temperature and mainfold temperature is ok, turn on the nozzle heating and branch hot runner.
  5. the operator do charging action of the injection machine, and then inject out the melt material inside the barrel. When the inject out material is ok, move the nozzle carriage forwarder to touch the sprue of the mold.
  6. make sure there isn’t anything inside the mold cavity. close the mold with certain clamping force and start the production.
  7. after running 3 cycles, turn on the cooling water.